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Weekly Update 2015-5-13


Gaggle has been a busy crowd indeed! Along with the three tracks they have completed recently, they have also started work on additional 3 tracks that will be available with the deluxe edition version of the Anal Fisting EP!!! So for the lucky individuals who decide to chuck an extra few into the donation box, there's gonna be 10 tracks of pure madness for you to enjoy! And at the rate they've been going lately it's looking like the release is going to be sooner then later.

In the meantime enjoy the brand new Gaggle music video, hand crafted from found and stock footage by the elusive Donald Fuck himself, for their recently completed track Ass-Troll-Pro-Injection:

Candy F Warhol

Some of you may know this man when he goes under the alias of Donald Fuck in the band Gaggle, however Candy F Warhol has been a profolic artists and musician over the last several years. In his last incarnation the Warhol's latest solo material provides minimalistic thick and groovy beats that bring the listener to the deepest and darkest crevices of the mind that is riddled with Sugar Coated Crack and Insectide.

You can check out his awesome and inventive website by following the picture on the side:

Or if your interested in hearing some the madness before you delve to deep check out his latest track, the magnum opus Ninteen Point Four:

Jenova Project

Right now Jenova Project is mostly in promotional stages for their recent album The Shadowalker LP. In the throws of that they have managed to revamp the website with a more legigable format, providing solid backgrounds for text all around the site, as well as providing extensive sections for each of the respective albums.

In the sections for the albums you can read the ongoing concept story of the Jenova Prophet as told through the albums in Jenova Project. You can also go to respective pages for each track on the album and listen to a YouTube version of the track while reading the lyrics. There is also a full album playlist linked through YouTube that can be listened to on each main album area of the site. This is all on top of the section already present for Music that shows the links to our social media websites, Bandcamp, YouTube, as well having a built in Soundcloud player (that has the entire released Jenova Project discography available on it). So there is a lot of ways to listen to Jenova Project on the site.

In case you missed it last time check out Jenova Project's latest album Shadowalker. You can listen to the entire album on Soundcloud, or through the YouTube player below:


Two more days till the release of the New Model Divine EP!!! All tracks have been taken down from the Bandcamp, as they will of course still available for individual download through the EP release by clicking on the individual tracks when the EP is released on Friday. In the meantime you can still listen to all of the tracks on our Soundcloud. Click on the album artwork below to access our Soundcloud page to listen to currently released tracks:

Dirty Lint

Dirty Lint goes into the final stages for their upcomming single Green Tambourine! All of the main male vocal parts have been recorded, sliced, and mixed. Tomorrow the girls (Bailee F & Jessikadabra) are going to come in and fill the rest of the track out. The goal is to have it mixed and ready for release next week, though at this point that is just the tentative release schedule.

Latest additions to The Infidel Netwerk

Click on the respective pictures to go to their websites:


Known for her work with theProphet in eclectic psychedelic pop group OurTrees, Jessikadabra is also a diverse solo musician. With works ranging everywhere from hard hitting dance tracks to laid back ambient grooves, to everything in between. Well worth the check out!


Polymatrixx is the solo project of Tom Musik, an active producer and musical contributer for both Matt & Colin and Jenova Project (other projects already prominently active on The Infidel Netwerk). Though his music is hard to find (often intentionally!) if you can track down some of his musical pieces you will find some of the most inspiring, yet oddly soothing, synthetic compositions that instantly begin to act as the soundtrack to your life.

Candy F Warhol

As mentioned earlier in the post, Candy is one half of Gaggle, but also persues his own solo career of gender bending dance terror. Click on the above picture to check out his full site!

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