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Weekly Update 2015-5-6

Jenova Project

As you can see Jenova Project has been really busy. Though his main website has been suprisingly silent, his YouTube and Twitter feeds have been going haywire, with continual updates on goings of the mad prophet.

The most exciting of the new and revelatory things coming from the beast is the new album Shadowalker. A composite of previousy released material, with some them being re-mixed, re-recorded and with many tracks now having vocals when they were previously instrumental, the album is a complete redux of what previously seemed to be b-side material; and alchemical transmutation from the mediocre into a full fledged Opus Magnum of an album.

Click on the album artwork above to go to my Bandcamp and listen to and/or download the album


OurTrees have been silently working behind the scenes on the release of the first EP. Though 4 of the tracks have been released to the public in single format, there are still 2 more tracks and the final artwork to be revelead. The plan is to have it up for Friday the 15th of May. That's next week's Friday. So prepare for some serious head smashing action as you get to experiance their full majesty.

In the meantime enjoy this new artwork from Jessikadabra:

Dirty Lint

Dirty Lint has recently finished recording all of the primary vocals for the first single Green Tambourine. We just need to mix the vocals, and then record the backing vocals to fill out the track and it will done. We expect a release over the next 2 weeks! We also have half of the vocals to our next song Katatonic ready for editing and slicing, with the girls possibly coming in to finish their parts when they do the backing vocals for Green Tambourine. So progress is being made, no official dates set, but expect more information SOON! Which is more then you've been getting lately on the Dirty Lint front.

Also of interesting note, Dirty Lint musician, artist, and vocalist Bailee F is currently working vigirously through the medium of painting, and has crafted a whole slew of fantastic designs that are going to be used on a wide variety of The Infidel Netwerk releases and promotional pieces. It's really exciting times to see just how connected The Infidel Netwerk is becoming.


Gaggle also has released most 4 of their 7 tracks planned for the upcomming Anal Fisting EP. The last 3 tracks have been finished over the last couple of days, with the most recent track Crazy Jam having an unmixed version leake online for your viewing pleasure. We are anticipating a release over the next couple of weeks to a month for the full EP, and we are already eagerly working on a music video to promote the release as well as follup music that has an interesting twist to it. It's really been an active time for all members of The Infidel Netwerk as we truly move out of the Winter blues and into the full bloom of Spring/Summer expansion. Not to mention all of the spiritual awakening we've been witenssing going around, the inspiration just don't stop! Well talking about inspiration, let's get to some of the goods. Leaked new Gaggle demo for thee minions!!!

Tepco Bushes

For those who missed it, Tepco Bushes is the new and refreshing downtempo/instrumental hip-hop/trip-hop group by Panther Pyramid and Murdaa Noize madman, song crafter, and noise designer Cameron Jones. Going by a wide variety of aliases over the years, this creative genius has recently delivered the groovy latenight clube anthem 11 Antlers, offering listeners a purvey into the dark and strangely dancey corridors that lurk in this project's enticing grooves. A perfect entry for those unfamiliar with his work, and a great taster for his new EP Heatsink which is planned for release in June.

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