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Weekly Update 4-29-2015

Jenova Project

Been super busy over the last couple of weeks on the Jenova Project front. Recorded vocals for almost a dozen tracks, as well as revamped the website so that you can now read the lyrics or story associated with Jenova Project while listening to the tracks on the site. A more immersive experiance, so I hope you all enjoy. I also released a new track, The Departure, the first single from the Shadowalker LP, the second full album I will be releasing over the next couple of months. You can find that below:


OurTrees has been on the downlow for some time, however we are doing a proper band meeting on Friday, and going to be going over all of the steps it's going to take to get our first EP out, our first music video shot, and the tentative schedule for our second EP. In the meantime, you can listen to stuff on our official Bandcamp.


Gaggle, the supergroup between Donald Fuck and Darth Vapor, has over the last week released all of our currently mixed tracks, which can be found on our Bandcamp for purchase, and a few of them can be found on YouTube for online listening. Currently we have four tracks:

1. Sugar Coated Crack

2. Supercollider

3. Quantic Equations

4. 18

We are currently working on our next two songs:

5. Ass-Troll-Pro-Injection

6. Crazy Jam

And we are also working on a music video for Supercollider, a revamp of the website with interactive flash and updating Gaggle storyline, as well as the possibility of Gaggle DJ sets. All of these possibilities will be elaborated on in further weeks, and hopefully presented on our official webpage. So check back frequently folks!

Tepco Bushes

For those of you who haven't checked it out yet, half of the amazing electro-tech dance group Murdaa Noize, has a downtempo/instrumental hip-hop oriented solo project called Tepco Bushes, and he makes some of the most amazing late night tunes. Perfect for late night relaxed clubbing with friends or solitarily sipping coffee looking through the window at the rain and musing on the nature of reality.

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