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The Weekly Update: 4-22-2015

So as you know The Infidel Netwerk has been vigirously working on a release platform for it's respective artists. We needed to provide an original way for artists to engage with their audience, and release their multimedia. Though our long term plan is still in the developing stages, at this point we have enough of an idea of what we are going to do, so we are going to start providing some updates on the goings of the artists and the release platform we have developed for them.

This weekly update series that will be beginning now on Wednesday, and continuing to take place every Wednesday hereafter, will act as the start of our release and promotion platform. The format in which we provide updates will be consistant in the fact that it will be on a singular day, Wednesday every week, with the goal of having it posted at Noon (Pacific Time).

For this week we will be covering all of the artists, and as of such the post will be rather large. However, in future weeks we will be only covering artists who have respective media to highlight. No need to needlsly shine attention on those who are busy yet don't have anything to show at the momment. Keeps the quality fresh, and to not be simply pumped out to meet some self-imposed due date. Creativity > Constraints.

Now onwards to the goods!

Jenova Project

As we all know, theProphet is the main man behind Jenova Project, and also the founder and visionary behind The Infidel Netwerk. As in such, the burden of producing bands and setting up the record label took a huge toll on his personal time investment capabilities in theProject. However, recently there has been a huge re-surgence in the world of Jenova, with the recent annoucement of a flurry of new releases.

All information about the happenings of theProphet, including information on both Jenova Project happenings as well as side project activity, can be found on his new blog series that he updates on a weekly (sometimes twice) basis. Something that's interesting is that the updates include more then just his general musical workings and associations, but also provide an insiders look into the music production, jingle, and record label management industries. Something not to be missed if your are an independent musician or artists starting out and want to get a look into some of the things that you need to be thinking about.

You can check out the blog on the Jenova Project website, which can be found here:

But to some up some of the information in the latest blog:

- 2 new full length albums coming out, both that had the instruments recorded between 2007-2010

- 3 new EPs are coming out, that had the instrumentals recorded between 2009-2013

- All will have vocals on them, and all of the vocals were recorded between 2014-2015

- All of these albums will be released over the next couple of months

- The tracks will be released individually on Soundcloud & Bandcamp, with respective music videos coming out on YouTube and Vimeo (with purchases being available on Vimeo)

- Once all of the tracks come out they will be compiled into individual "album" releases that can be bought through services such as Bandcamp and iTunes for digitial purchase, Spotify and Pandora for internet radio, and CD purchases will be available directly through the bands website as well as through The Infidel Netwerk website

Matt & Colin

This epic supergroup featuring Colin Snell (ex-PurPale, ex-Flux) on vocals and keys, and Matt "theProphet" Smith on keys, backing vocals, production, mixing, and FX, has been around for several years now, but has remained mostly dormant until September of 2014 when they rocked the world with the first hit single Monitor, a bass and vocal heavy dance track that infects anyone who listens to it's mind with it's catchy groove and unforgettable lyrics.

They worked hard for several months on many tracks, and followed up Monitor in Febuary of 2015 with the release of Distant City, another upbeat dance track, this time with the tempo cranked up, and the emotion dial turned to 11. The track set another milestone for the group, with the accomplishments taking notice of ex-Flux member Tom Musik, who decided to return to the group in an advisory and production oriented way.

This led to the re-release of Monitor shortly after at the end of Febuary, with vocal FX and production completly remixed by Mr. Musik himself. The new remixed track really resonated with audiences well, making the trio formation a solid entity, however just to make sure it wasn't just a one-off fluke success the trio quickly went to work on the epic spacefaring fantasy track Starbound.

Pushing the group's stylistic boundries, and truly maxamizing each individual member's unique talent, this unlikely track turned out far better then any of them could have possibly imagined, with the success and positive reaction truely cementing the collective belief in the powers of the trio's collaborative strength. Most recently the madness the trio has managed to conjure has been an epic music video for the original single "Monitor", which can be currently found on YouTube.

What's happening next? Currently they have over a dozen unreleased instrumental tracks recorded over the last year which just need vocal recording, so the goal is probably going to be to get on to releasing a couple more of those. Actually, from what we've been told, they have recorded vocals to one of the tracks entitled Lost In The Code, which is planned to be released in the next week or two. And then after that they plan to release one more track, and then combine all of their music released so far together into their first compilation release The Starbound EP, which will feature 5 vocals tracks, and 1 instrumental, with all older tracks being remastered for the final release. Also there is a new esoteric and occult oriented music video for Lost In The Code, which is being shot on May 2nd for the Pagan Beltrane Festival. Exciting times!


The workings of Gaggle are as always a mystery, with this endlessly under construction group, poking it's disorganized head out once in a while with a few goodies for you. Keep it quick, keep it short, here's what they've done:

Oh, and there's more to come. But that will be for you find out. Next week. Think... Ass-Troll-Pro-Injection. That's the only hint we give you. OurTrees

Due to scheduleing issues and some personal issues in the lifes of members of the OurTrees team the release for The New Model Divine EP has once again been delayed. However it is still very much in the works, hopefully with a release in early May.

Also, now that a new monitor speaker system and mixing headphone set has been purchased by theProphet for The Infidel Netwerk in-house mixing team, there is a possibility that the tracks will be remastered for their final release, time permitting. So at the time being there is no final release schedule, but know things are coming soon! However, on interesting news, over the last couple of months during the meetings that theProphet and Jessikadabra they have managed to coax together some new instrumental demos, as well as pen some interesting new lyrics. The formulations of their next album Metajynx is very much in the workings. But we don't want to get to much into that, especially with our first release being delayed and all.

Hopefully we will have more on OurTrees in the upcomming weeks! Grave Wisdom

Grave Wisdom's is going through a massive restructuring right now. All previous songs have been taken down, and a statement was released by the band. I have had personal word from the members that a new song is in the works, and will be released before the end of May though! Dirty Lint

At the momment the Dirty Lint social media network has been mostly absent, but that isn't due to inactivty in the band. They have been extremly active, the partnership between theProphet and love and life partner Bailee F, flourshing in a new and dynamic way. Over the last couple of months they have been really looking into the restructuring of the image and sound of the band, and figuring out how they wanted to go about releasing things. This led to the scrapping of the image of a "guitar and ocarina based band" and into a more esoteric and flexible nature.

Though guitar and ocarina are very much going to be included in the band's releases where they are felt appropiately, the collaboratibe nature between the couple seemed to be more expansive then that. There were tracks where the instruments felt unnessary, and not wanting to limit themselves to a particular feel or style of track, they decided that the guitar and ocarina were only tools in the arsenal, not the ONLY or FOCUS tools. As in such the first self titled album by Dirty Lint will not be featuring any guitar tracks at all. It will however be featuring Ocarina playing by Bailee F on at least half of the 10 tracks on the album, and it will feature lead vocals by both Bailee F and theProphet as well as a series of unnannouced guest vocalists. So there's a lot to be excited with here. They are currently just in the vocal recording sessions for the album right now, with all of the instrumentals being recorded, and just waiting for mixing and mastering once all of the vocals are finished. The goal is to have that finished over the next 2 months, with a release by this summer at the latest. Also Dirty Lint have been working on some new music when they have an opportunity to, in between their busy schedules of artwork and vocal production, and will be releasing it under an EP, also with a guest featuring muscian collaborating with them on the whole album. More on that in the upcomming weeks!

Alright folks, this post is getting MASSIVE soooo, we're going to cut it and save some for next week, when we will touch up on the goings of the forethecoming plans for the above mentioned bands, and we will also touch on some of the other artists in The Infidel Netwerk!

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