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The Infidel Netwerk Re:Vamp

So up until now, since about Janurary, Facebook has been the #1 way of accessing The Infidel Netwerk, with most of our regular news updates been posted through that medium. Regretabelly, this main site has primarily acted as simply a hub for the various artist's respective website's.

The reason for this is there was a little bit of discouragement here at the Infidel Netwerk due to our failure to succesfully implement the Artist Spotlight feature every week. We decided we needed to refocus and regather, and and put our extreme focus on perfecting every aspect of all of the various Infidel Netwerk artist's media projects. It certainly has taken a lot of time, more then we expected, but it was well worth it because we are here on the verge some pretty fantastic things.

We feel that now, that after some revision and and reformating, that we truly have a format where we can give you more up to date information on the doings and happenings of The Infidel Netwerk.

As the first step to having The Infidel Netwerk becoming the up-to-date media platform it was originally intended to be (as in as service to help promote artists): we are going to have our first article series start up every week on Wednesday. It will be entitled Mid-Weed Madness, and it will feature a collection of the best and most exciting momments and releases from The Infidel Netwerk artists and affiliates over the last 7 days.

We will also be attempting to re-start our Artists Spotlight feature. However instead of trying to do it on a weekly format and sticking to purely Infidel Netwerk artists, we are going to restart it on a bi-weekly format featuring both The Infidel Netwerk artists as well as other local artists or The Infidel Netwerk affiliated artists from the around the world. As we are not a record label, we being very much an artists collective and promotion service, we see our goal as being to give anyone who has a message worth sharing an uncensored podium to do so.

There is also more in the works, but that will be explained more in our Mid-Week Madness next week. See you on the flip-side folks, we look forward to having greater connectivity with you all!

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