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Artist Spotlight: OurTrees (Part IV: theProphet Interview)

Artist Spotlight: OurTrees (Part IV)

Well long awaited, we have the last part of the OurTrees artist spotlight. Originally planned to be over a week, we ended up doing it over a month. But that's what happens in the winter months in British Columbia. People get sick, and things slow down. Anyways, TRED ON! Hear are some words from none-other-then The Infidel Netwerk founder, and one half of OurTrees theProphet himself. In the first part of the interview he talks about his experiances in OurTrees, meeting Jessikadabra, and revitilzing musicality.

And in the second part he discusses The Infidel Netwerk, and the need for expanding collective of artists to work together to create grander, and more artisticaly uncompromised, projects.

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