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Artist Spotlight: OurTrees (Part III: Mini-Documentary)

Artist Spotlight: OurTrees (Part III)

Sorry for the much delayed response for the Artist Spotlight. Part III was supposed to be uploaded almost a month ago now. However, late is better then never!

Now that the 'Christmas Holidays', as we shall call it politely, are over.... we shall be returning to our regular programming here at The Infidel Netwerk, with the next two parts of the Spotlight happening over this weekend. Tonight with Part III (Friday) and Part IV on Sunday (and then of course, the next artist Spotlight beginning on Monday).

Today's feature's focus is on behind-the-scenes footage of recording at The Infidel Netwerk. In the videos below you get an in-depth and raw portrait of the recording sessions between theProphet and Jessikadabra.

theProphet & Jessikadabra - In The Studio Recording - Mini-Documentary

The Lullaby (The Cure Cover) Recording Session

Lullaby (Full Unedited Recording Sessions)

And that's a wrap folks. Hope you enjoy. More coming on Sunday with a full interview with theProphet himself!

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