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The Infidel Netwerk Compilation Volume I

The Infidel Netwerk

Compilation Volume I

We are proud to announce the very first The Infidel Netwerk compilation. Featuring on this compilation are at least one track from each artists on the main banner roster. Some tracks even took the liberty of providing a second track for your audial enjoyment.

Above can be found a link to the official (free) download of the compilation, and below is the tracklisting for the release: 1. Dirty Lint - ElectroBurn

2. OurTrees - New Model Divine

3. Jenova Project - Parasite

4. Panther Pyramid - Alien Opera

5. Matt & Colin - Monitor

6. Jessikadabra - Lullaby (The Cure Cover)

7. Tepco Bushes - Sum

8. Jenova Project - d3ad 3yes

9. Murdaa Noize - Killogs Cereal

10. Gaggle - Sugar Coated Crack

11. Grave Wisdom - Dependency

12. Dirty Lint - Japba (Pre-Release Instrumental)

13. Grave Wisdom - Charltan

14. Gaggle - Quantic Equations

15. Jessikadabra - Pluto

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