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Artist Spotlight: OurTrees (Part I: Introduction)

Every week starting on Monday and going till the next Sunday (yes, we are doing an structure of the week), we are going to be doing posts and features that focus on an Infidel Netwerk associated artist. We will be including artists interviews, behind the scenes videos and pictures, and possibly even the creation of a new track dedicated for this week's spotlight.

This week will be starting with Jessikadabra and theProphet collaboration band OurTrees. Their sound is a mixture of psychedelic and Industrial sound choices, dance and pop song structure sensibilities, and a progressive New Wave extravagence to their overall atmosphere and presentation.

On Wednesday we will be posting the first out of two interviews, and over the week we will be featuring several pictures and videos to get your more intimately connected with the band. In the mean time check out their various media sources to get a deeper understanding of the bands sound and messsge.

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