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The Infidel Netwerk - Message & Plan

Welcome to the dawn of The Infidel Netwerk: a promotional netwerk where all bands, artists, and even fellow agencies, labels and promoters, can form a univeral artistic collective, and respectively have an opportunity to share and update content to not only with their fans, but to other artists and possible collaborators. This is the beginning of a community platform of creativity per say.

I theProphet look forward to showing off many new emerging local and/or independent artists who play unique and diverse music. The only requirments are atmosphere, creativity, and quality: we accept bands with and without genres; creatures of all kinds.

In the near future we are planning on featuring interviews, studio tours, tutorials, and other various behind-the-scenes interactions with artists who wish to participate in such a medium. We also plan to offer ease of access to media for all artists, as well as commentary and infomormation from the artist, collaboraters of the artists, and even the fans.

The whole idea is just to get our names out there collectively, the artists in this unique and artistic scene centered out of the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada.

So our current albums under our banner go as: 1. Jenova Project - Z Day 2. Jenova Project - The Bonesnapper EP 3. OurTrees - Goatfucker (Single) 4. Grave Wisdom - Welcome To Inferno EP 5. Jenova Project - Shadowalker EP (with Tom Musik) 6. Grave Wisdom - A World Covered In Ash EP

And the albums we are currently working on releasing over the next 3-6 months: 7. OurTrees - 4th World Problems 8. Jessikadabra - Razer 9. Gaggle - Anal Fisting EP 10. Dirty Lint - Dirty Lint EP 11. Matt & Colin - Starbound EP 12. Grave Wisdom - The Merkeba EP 13. Murdaa Noize - The Next Generation EP 14. Panther Pyramid - Upcoming EP 15. Tepco Bushes - Upcoming EP 16. Jenova Project - Dystopia 17. Grave Wisdom - Eastern Promises 18. Nosferra - Nosferra

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