The Infidel Netwerk's

Services, Goods, and Features

Based out of several home studios, including theProphet's studio2, polymatixx's Revolutionary HQ, and Tepco Bushe's mixPalace, we collectively have to offer various art, tutorials, crafts, promotion, and musical/audio-based production services.
The services in BLUE are sections currently active, while sections in GREY are ones that will be coming soon! So check back frequently.

We offer affordable mixing and mastering services, at a variety of different rates, depending on service, from our in house engineers.  We also do work based on comission, and royalty, but only if we really believe in the artists vision. See our portfolio and prices above!

Beats predominently made for vocalists and MCs to do their own vocal work over, are offered at a variety of price and liscening options, including a cheaper leased and more expensive exclusive liscense. Beats are made by a variety of Infidel Netwerk artists, who also are involved in other musical projects. Full info can be found in the store!

Artwork & Paintings

Not only do we have much of the Infidel Netwerk artwork available for prints, but we also have custom artwork and painting services by a wide variety of Infidel Netwerk artists.

Tutorials, tutoring, production and artist development from a wide variety of Infidel Netwerk artists and engineers. For artists, bands, and engineers at flat rate of $20/hour. This could involve video chats, or face to face interaction, with the responsibility of the bands to come to us in that regard.

Custom videography work and video editing, and post FX, can be done by our in house editors. Prices are very flexible, and we are willing to cover any genre or video type.

Custom Sounds & Samples

Bizzare sounds, interesting melodies, unusual percussion lines, and much much more is all part of the dynamic range of sample libraries available from a wide variety of Infidel Netwerk artists and producers. All at an affordable price! And available in a wide variety of different file and sampler formats (where applicable).

Session Musicians

Keyboardist, singers, guitarists, bassists, custom FX design, and percussion instrumentalists can all be found playing throughout many of The Infidel Netwerk records. Get Infidel Netwerk artists and session musicians to play on your next release! Come on and get your custom instrumental arrangements.

Remixes & Collaboration

Many of The Infidel Netwerk artists are either electronic musicians and/or engineers/producers. As in such remixing is one of the skills that comes in the bag, and can be provided by a wide variety of artists from The Infidel Netwerk. Get the lowdown on the artists available for remixing work, and aproximete pricing costs.

Magick Services