- Videographer and Beat Producer for M-Fap.


- Instrumentalist and Sonic Destroyer for Polymatrixx, Death Machine and Haunted Planet.


- Former member, occasional collaborator and original co-founder of Jenova Project.


- Ex-Producer for Flux and Matt & Colin




Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly, Delerium, Boards of Canada, Doubting Thomas, Download, Noise Unit, John Foxx, Laurie Anderson, Nitzer Ebb, Paul Hardcastle, Phil Western, PlatEAU, Psychic TV, Act, Alien Sex Fiend, Cabaret Voltaire, Cyberaktif, Dead or Alive, Divine, Excessive Force, Gary Numan, George Michael, Hazel Dean, Kone, Propaganda, David Bowie, Skold, Thomas Dolby, Thomas Leer, 808 State, The Art of Noise, RevCo, Ministry, Tweaker, Eazy-E, Ill Bill, Severed Heads.


Equipment Used:


All Recording / Sequencing / Programming on Macintosh Computers




-Prophet 08

-Mopho SE





-Juno 60





Drum Machines:


-CompuRhythm CR-68






-Komplete 10

-Live 5-9


-Iris 2



-Darklight 2 and The Beast


-iMPC Pro

Social Media

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