Fresh Trax! : BESS - Magnesium Proverbs

Hitting 2019 with her final track of the year, this time in collaboration with the talented Randall Yeager for the instrumental, BESS dishes up another potent and emotive lyrically driven track with her usually enticingly detailed and complex poetic landscapes she presents in her unique sung/spoken word mixture. Complimenting her avantgarde lyrical expositions is a wild and shifting instrumental track that mixes the best elements of Acid House & Industrial music together for wild but enjoyable ride, tethered together by the intense performance of BESS herself. An excellent track to end the year on check it out for digital download on BESS' official Bandcamp:

Fresh Trax!: Biohacker - Biotrace (Demo)

Giving you a taste of things to come, Biohacker gives us a downloadable demo version of his new track "Biotrace", a bright and uplfiting EBM-inspired Electro-Industrial track. Coming in at 4 minutes and 20 seconds, including the spoken intro he put in, this track manages to capture several different feels and styles, with a mixture of different types of synth sounds, and a tendency for mood setting sound layering and progressive song structure. Check out this exciting release on Biohacker's official Bandcamp for digital download: Info by artists from the Bandcamp page: "HAPPY CHRISTMAS 2019 'hackers!!! Here's BIOTRACE (Demo Version)

Fresh Trax! : Droid Sector Decay - Hell Awaits For Heaven

Truly sounding like a bat out of hell, a demon out of the pits, Droid Sector Decay's latest lyric video release is for, "Hell Awaits For Heaven"and it's every bit as dark and brutal as it's name. Grimey distorted guitars, pitch shifted devil-like vocals, and apocalyptic lyrics move forward this doomy industrial metal piece. Don't miss this extremely mood setting dark metal piece from Droid Sector Decay's latest album "In Suffering We Dell" on their official YouTube Channel: Get all the lowdown on Droid Sector Decay's project including a biography, release catalog, and links to their social media and streaming websites, check out their Encyclopedia profile on The

Fresh Trax! : M-Fap - Doom Charm

Now it's time for this savage king to declare himself divine! A ruler of aethereal dimensions, and certainly of my own mind. So back off as I'm thinking about matters beyond your comprehension. Please just don't go and get in my god damn way son, for there's a rebellion in place and I'm ready to chase down every opportunity I can to take this situation to the next spiritual expansion. Hail Satan! Download the track on his official Bandcamp: or Alternative through iTunes/Apple Music: Stream the song on The Infidel Netwerk YouTube channel: Through the of

Fresh Trax!: Dathek - PTSDisease (ft Teus & AK Ink) [Prod. Vicious 5150]

Channeling his personal history as a war veteran, and using it to fuel positive change through awareness, the British Columbia based rapper Dathek has dedicated his latest song to a form of mental health which troubles a remarkable amount of people, whether survivors of abuse or war, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Bringing together an awesome and dedicated crew to make the track really pop, he has has the extremely talented Teus and AK Ink in featuring in on some additional vocals with a powerful sung chorus and an additional emotive collection of rhymed bars that fits perfectly with the theme of the track, as well as the long time friend and collaborator, Vicious 5150, who provided the dar

Fresh Trax! : Droid Sector Decay - Her Skin Glowed In Artificial Light

Showing their ever variety of sounds on this new compilation, Droid Sector Decay provide another interesting electronic jam from their upcoming early 2020 compilation album, Decayde Of Decay. "Her Skin Glowed In Artificial Light" channels a sound many of you might not of thought you would have heard, with an ethereal and uplifting trance inspired beat that builds itself up more and more as it progresses into an increasingly melodic near-festival stomper. Don't miss this excitingly uplifting Dance track which can be found streaming on the official Droid Sector Decay YouTube channel at the video link below: Get all the lowdown on Droid Sector Decay's project includ

Haunted Planet Release Christmas Album "Haunted X-Mas"

“When I become communist dictator of Canada the first thing I’ll do is cancel Christmas”. - Bubba Gummzes Tracklisting 1. Stress aka X-Mas 2018 (BANANARAMA Cover) 2. Mutt 3. Airheads 4. Vines 5. Obscure Download the album on Haunted Planet's official Bandcamp: Or stream the album on The Infidel Netwerk's YouTube Channel: Samples: Ensoniq Mirage, ASR-10 Elektron Digitakt Synths: Prophet 08 Drums: Roland CompuRhythm CR-68, TR-8 Alesis SR-18 Tapes: General Electric Micro 2 Effects: Ensoniq ASR-10 Ableton Live 9 All songs recorded / sequenced with

Fresh Trax! : Databyte - Brains

Dark and brooding, like a graveyard ritual or a rising zombie hoard creeping it's way to it's unwitting prey, Databyte's latest banger draws from his hip-hop hat this time around, pulling out (like any good wizard) as good mixture of spectacle and awe. Providing you with smooth dark trap beats, but utilizing Databyte's ever-so-unique array of sounds to create a custom atmosphere, don't miss this excellent instrumental hip-hop track which can be found for free streaming on Databyte's official Soundcloud: Get all the lowdown on Databyte's project including a biography, release catalog, and links to his social media and streaming websites, check out his En

Fresh Trax! : Droid Sector Decay - Fallen Idols Of The Pandemonium Grief (Lyric Video)

Wild and shifting, chaotic and moving, this industrial metal jamboree lives up to it's extravagant name and provides lots of twists and turns in it's psycho sonic progression. Bursting it's way through the doors of industrial brutality and propelling it's way into some serious metal madness, this non-stop agressive track is another excellent exposition of music from Droid Sector Decay's upcoming early 2020 compilation album, Decayde Of Decay. Don't miss this crushingly brutal Electro-Industrial Metal track which can be found streaming on the official Droid Sector Decay YouTube channel at the video link below: Get all the lowdown on Droid Sector Decay's project in

Fresh Trax!: Sirreal - Raze The Roof (ft Revron) [Prod. Starkore]

Teaming up with Starkore Productions on the beat, and featuring Revron as an additional artist, British Columbia's Sirreal returns with another powerful single, channeling the aggressive bass heavy sounds that are so popular in today's clubs, and providing his own take on the style, twisting it and turning it with his own ambitious energy and providing a predictability catchy series of bars that you'll find stuck in your head for weeks. Don't miss this solid trap rap banger available on all major platforms. Catch the Distrokid song page for links to all major streaming platforms: Streaming on Spotify: https://open.spotify.

Fresh Trax! : M-Fap - Pillars Of Decay (Lyric Video)

We live in a world of faulty architecture, both physical and mental, our trappings being of our own creations. Maniacs and jokers, propped up by our own justifications and rationale, themselves created from lies and propaganda. Our spirituality is nothing but a disease, replacing any true traces of our connection to the greater purpose and forces that connect us. As one who has traversed the lands of life and death, reality and unreality, the Fap sees all for the bullshit it is and disregards it as fool's speak. I'd rather live the free and alone, then having to cater to the bullshit you all worship. Download the track on his official Bandcamp:

Lilith My Mother Appears On The Dec 16th Episode Of Infectious Unease Radio

Featuring on December 21st Episode of Infectious Unease Radio is our very own Lilith My Mother, alongside many other greats such as Rabbit Junk, Klack, Angelspit, and more. Catch this great episode and give our European Darkwaver some love! Find the episode free streaming on Mixcloud: Get all the lowdown on Lilith My Mother's project including a biography, release catalog, and links to his social media and streaming websites, check out his Encyclopedia profile on The Infidel Netwerk: Follow Lilith My Mot

Toothpinch's "Rigged & Broken ft. Jenova Project" Appears on The December 14th Epi

Featuring on the December 14th Episode of Bootstomp Industrial podcast, among other greats such as Hanzel Und Gretyl, C-Lekktor, and more, is our very own Toothpinch & Jenova Project, who earlier this year collaborated on a track entitled "Rigged & Broken". A hard hitting electro-industrial rager, catch the track among many awesome others on this great episode of Bootstomp Radio which can be found free streaming on Mixcloud: Tracklist: 01. Nuclear Sludge - Disconnect [FORKHA] 02. Hanzel Und Gretyl - Triple Hexxx [Metropolis Records] 03. Hocico - Shut Me Down! (Remixed by Kreign) [Out Of Line Music] 04. Unc

Blackpill, Biohacker, & Jenova Project Appear on The First Episode Of Ghostwave Radio's Best

Featured on the December 13th - Best Of 2019 (Part I) Episode of Ghostwave Radio podcast, among other greats such as Leather Strip, Rammstein, and more, is our very own Blackpill, Biohacker, & Jenova Project. Blackpill's "Declaration Of War" was the fourth track in, and Biohacker & Jenova Project's collaborative "Implant Rejection" was the 9th track. Catch this great episode and give our American, Irish, and Canadian Industrial acts some well needed love! Find the episode free streaming on Mixcloud: Tracklist: Blinky Blinky Computerband - Buddha's Revenge reADJUST - Gassenhauer Leaether Strip - Blood Blackpill -

Fresh Trax!: KRMNL - FVDED MEMORIES (Instrumental)

Smooth and elegant, driven by a dreamy detuned piano and twinkling and glistening synthetic pads, yet still powerful and led along by a strong percussive elements, this beautiful minimalist downtempo trap-inspired electronica track certainly captures the essence of it's late night groovy sound perfectly. Catch this excellent track by the Albertan producer KRMNL streaming on his official Spotify channel: YouTube: Soundcloud: or iTunes/Apple Music: Get a

Music Video!: Sirreal - How Many More (ft Raymond Salgado)

Sharing his loss with the world, and using it as a creative opportunity to raise awareness on mental health, Sirreal is on point as always with another excellent song, this time coming from a place of deep pain and emotional recovery. "How Many More" is a testament to all who have lost a loved one, whether family or friend, to the burden of mental health and the end act of suicide. Using his loss as inspiration this track is an emotional, well delivered, powerful collaboration with the beautifully voiced Raymond Salgado (who provides an absolutely perfect chorus), and provides a touching tribute to his brother. Do yourself a favor and check out the simple but emotional music video for the tr

Fresh Trax!: Ultra LHT Voyeur - Stand Still

With the flick of the wrists and the proper will, one can make the world simply stands still. And that's certainly what the Voyeur will do with this trap heavy vocally distorted post-hip-hop extravaganza. Abstract rhymes and an even more avant-garde beat, check it out for another unique experience presented by the LHT lord of delight. Listen to the music streaming on his YouTube or Soundcloud: Download the track on Ultra LHT Voyeur's official Bandcamp: Recorded by theProphet @ The Infidel Netwerk studios and record label: Follow Ultra L

Music Video: Big M.I.C. - Loving Life

Are you loving your life? Big M.I.C. certainly, offering some feel good hip-hop tunes straight from British Columbia, Canada. The true King of his local scene, one of the strongest and most consistent veterans of the Langley Hip-Hop crew, this is another excellent track to add to his discography, and a perfect song to get the video treatment. Featuring some scenes from the old Langley race track, and the beautiful parks nearby, with Big M.I.C. in his truest element just living his life. Check out this smooth uplifting rap track available on YouTube: The track is taken from his recent EP "Hustle" which can be found on Bandcamp and iTunes for digita