New Album!: Jenova Project - Transcendental Bias EP

The first in a series of EPs which will collectively act as a sequel to Jenova Project's first album, Z Day, the Transcendental Bias EP begins the Zevolution story with theProphet in exile. Lost within a state of post-zen meditative escape, theProphet through years of exile has twisted the once-great esoteric messages contained within into a self-gratifying distorted system of spiritual entrapment. But as he internally warps and disintegrates his own essence, the world around, the one he separated himself from to save, is falling apart without him. The remaining forces of humanity are descending into anarchy and conflict, and a sinister force thought defeated is returning in new and unexpect

Droid Sector Decay's Track "Destroy External Romance" Is Featured On DJ Scott Durand&#

DJ Scott Durand's Dark Indulgence Radio, a frequent supporter of various Infidel Netwerk artists and a true patron of quality Industrial and Hard Dance Music, has featured Droid Sector Decay's previously unreleased track "Destroy External Romance" on his July 21st episode. Catch the full episode featuring this track as well as artists like H.EXE, Zwaremachine, Diverge, and more free streaming on Mixcloud: Tracklisting Negant - World domination (Klinik cover) H.EXE - The Old Museum (Strange version) Dead Chains - Wired Mind (V2 mix) Body of light - Time to kill (Dai

Music Video: Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly - Allegiance

Dreamy and meandering, "Allegiance" the latest progressive and melodic, reflective yet groovy, indie pop track by the Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly crew does not dissapoint. Drifting between soft spoken word and powerful sung melodies, driving and groovy elements and stripped down and sparse almost ambient sections, this wandering but potent addition to their discography can be found, along with an attatched visualier movie, on their official YouTube for free streaming: Download this release, or any of their excellent releases, on their official Bandcamp: Get

Biohacker's "Sarin (Neuro Toxic Mix)" Appears On The July 15th Episode Of Con!tro!lo

Biohacker makes an appearance on the Industrial themed Radioshow Con!tro!lo alongside other great acts such as Chemcl Str8jckt, Accessory, Rammstein, and more. Don't miss this awesome hard dance and industrial packed episode free streaming on Soundcloud at the following link: Tracklist Chmcl Str8jckt - Bomb Cyclone (a) Accessory - Ship of Fools Rammstein - Radio (Gregoroth EDM Remix) Atrocity (ft. Das Ich) - Misdirected Pig - Rope (Keith LeBlanc Mix) Suicide - Wrong Decisions Sulpher - Problem (b) Biohacker - Sarin (Neuro Toxic Mix) Reactor7x - Cycle Of Life (At0shima 3rr0r Remix) Run Level Zero - My Tormentor Nature Of Wir

Lilith My Mother Features On The July 21st Episode Of Pat 626's Subculture Shock (ft DJ KellyA)

Featuring on July 21st edition of Subculture Shock podcast, a special episode co-hosted by DJ KellyA, is Lilith My Mother, alongside many other greats such as Tragic Impulse, Joy Division, Razed In Black, and more. Catch this great episode and give our European Darkwaver some love! Find the episode free streaming on Mixcloud: Tracklist Tragic Impulse - Space Force Joy Division - Atmosphere Loewenhertz - Dreiklangdimensionen The Foreign Resort - Outnumbered BONES UK - Pretty Waste Lilith My Mother - Her Little Black Soul Razed In Black - Visions (Assemblage 23 Mix) Rosetta Stone - Children of the Poor

Fresh Trax!: Divine Virtual Reality - Who I Am

Hard aggressive acid techno of a dark electro nature is certainly the specialty of Divine Virtual Reality, dishing up on the regular a non-stop flurry of tracks for his fans, new and old, to appreciate. Who I Am is a return to his solo work after a well done collaboration with Dee Velmont for his last work. Capturing his trademark tortured howls and pounding baselines, this track will not disappoint those who have already jumped on the DVR train. Catch the awesome track out on his Soundcloud for free streaming: Lyrics I'm fallen deep into the pits of hell just to know who I am x2 (I am) so fucked, so decayed, so lifeless and betrayed, I'm

Fresh Trax! : Databyte - Passion

Bringing back his Synthwave sound for another round for awesome retro infused dance flavor, Databyte the masterful musician he is never relents and lets this set into monotony, instead giving you a thick and evolving track from beginning to end. Progressive and aggressive, giving you a harder side of this softer dance style, the track manages to keep Databyte's signature edge all while catering to the dreamy and melodic tendencies you'd expect from the genre. Catch this amazing little dandy, and get lost in his smooth psychedelic 80s infused synth waves, free streaming on Databyte's official Soundcloud: Get all the lowdown on Databyte's project includi

Fresh Trax! : Catgotwasted - Witch

Deep dark and dubby with a hint of post-punk infused neo-hip-hop this moody piece certainly lives up to its name and conjures up a unique and mystical atmosphere. Catgotwasted dishes up a track that verges between trip-hop and IDM, a progressive and emotional affair worthy of your attention. Catch this unique piece of this synth wizard's ever-growing ever eclectic discography on his official Soundcloud: Get all the lowdown on Catgotwasted's project including a biography, release catalog, and links to his social media and streaming websites, check out his Encyclopedia profile on The Infidel Netwerk: Get u

The Infidel Netwerk Radioshow Episode 4 - July 19th 2019

The Infidel Netwerk is a collective of musicians who strive to overcome the capitalist challenges that are present to most of us starving creative folk by building a semi-communistic initiative that supplements the faculties of a record label and promo team through crowdsourcing and collective attention driving. This is our music. You can stream the episode on Mixcloud & YouTube: Mixed by theProphet aka Jenova Project Video by Saul Tooth aka Toothpinch Setlist: 1. Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly - Halo - 0:00 - 4:01 2. Transhumanist - Motel Magic - 4:01 - 10:06

New Album!: Biohacker - Re-Engineered (The 2019 Remasters)

Giving you a sweet retrospective in a new and shiny polished format, Irish Industrial music hacker Biohacker has delivered another excellent pack of old tracks with new and improved loudness and clarity. The release has a good selection of older tracks quite unlike you'll ever heard them with a much needed oomph given to the sonic dimensions of the track making them louder them life, increasing both the epicness and aggressiveness of this already triumphantly powerful and emotive album of Industrial Rock bangers. Check out the release on Biohacker's official Bandcamp for digital download: Tracklisting 1. The End Of All Thi

New Album! : Droid Sector Decay - In Suffering We Dwell

Long time Greek Industrial Metal veterans, and recent The Infidel Netwerk joinees, Droid Sector Decay have unleashed a brutal and crushing new album into the world just this past month. Featuring some of their strongest production and most menacing tracks to date, this is not an album to miss for fans of the genre or band itself as they are truly at the top of their game. Ranging from the tormented industrial black metal of the self-titled track, to the wild and progressive almost thrash inspired "Luminance Of Paradise Is The Lament Of Solitude", to the almost full on Electro-Industrial stomp of "Where The Body Decays & The Soul Suffers", this album really offers quite a bit of substance and

Weekly Social Media Roundup: 7/06/19 to 7/14/19

Our friendly neighborhood Biohacker (alright, maybe Irish, we just wish he was in our neighborhood) dishes up some excellent news about his future engagements. Check out the snippet on the side, and of course go to his full Facebook page to get the full post/lowdown on his awesome new plans. Check out Biohacker's Facebook page or Artist profile on The Infidel Netwerk to discover more about the artist's activities or history: Download Biohacker's music on his official Bandcamp: Catch this excellent collection of photos, some taken of Bess's appearance on WELT-LP Radio,

Lilith My Mother Appears On The 60th Episode Of Dark Noise Radio

​​ Lilith My Mother's ever popular "Face The Fall" has been featured once again on Dark Noise Radio, this time on the 60th Episode! Don't miss it, along with other great acts such as Blutengel, London After Midnight, The Sisters Of Mercy, and more! Catch the release free streaming on Mixcloud: Tracklist Dismal Beeches - The Blackest Night Blakaut - Black Light Sonsombre - Matte Black Blutengel - Black London After Midnight - The Black Cat ('03 Mix) Nosferatu - Black Hole Eisbrecher - Schwarze Witwe Miazma - Dressed in Black Sonsombre - The Future Is Black Play Alone - Black Glass Angels of Liberty - Black

New Albums!: Vore Complex - Rendered Dead & A Stranger Breed

While Vore Complex as a true solo project may be "dead" in some sort of "official" capacity, it seems to live on in new format of collaboration. Teaming up with his friend Ed Rose, who plays some pretty atmospheric and absolutely suiting guitars to Ben's nightmarish post-apocalytic electro-industrial, to recreate some choice tracks from the Complex discography. Ranging from the haunting almost black metal-esk Moriah's Shower Party, the post-punk warbles of Bloodrush, the noise rock tainted Flush, or the almost brit-pop inspired melodies of Punitive Medicine, this pair of albums (Rendered Dread & A Stranger Breed) crafted by the duo really adds as a final flourish to the Vore Complex discogra

Fresh Trax!: Jenova Project - Transcendental Bias (ft Toothpinch)

After the cataclysm events that he blamed himself for theProphet threw himself into a centuries-long self-imposed exile where he relinquished himself to a lifestyle of meditation, simplicity, and denial. Receiving no visitors and only engaging in the most mundane of routines, living free of mental stimulation has left him in a state of perceived ultimate clarity. Visions of the “true nature” of this world, one of astral designs and spiritual influence, pour through him daily like a conduit of pure prophetic energy. Lost in a waking dream, he is both aware and unaware in a perfect state of Transcendent Bliss. But after many years in this dream, far too many to count accurately with such littl

Catch Biohacker on PAT 626's Subculture Shock 06.03.19

Biohacker, the Irish Industrial Rocker, appears on the latest episode of Pat 626's Subculture Shock online radioshow, along with other great Alternative Electronic & Industrial acts such as Euringer, The Gothsicles, Death Ride 69, and much more, check out the episode in full streaming below at the link or in our embedded player: Tracklisting EURINGER - Fuck Everything (Eyeliner Remix) The Cure - Let's Go To Bed Black Plasticc - Charcoal (CMB Remix) undertheskin - Burn The Gothsicles - 8-bit Medics Unto Ashes [Michael Laird] - Don't Ask Me If I'm Crazy Stromkern - Perfect Sunrise Vlad In Tears - Born Again The Purge - Rain Witc

Lilith My Mother Appears On The June 30th Episode Of Dark Noise Radio

​​ Lilith My Mother's ever popular "Face The Fall" has been featured once again on Dark Noise Radio, this time on the June 30th Episode as the second track in! Don't miss it, along with other great acts such as Lords Of The Lost, A Covenant Of Thorns, Apoptygma Berzerk, and more! Catch the release free streaming on Mixcloud: Adoration Destroyed - Ember Lilith My Mother - Face the Fall Fïx8:Sëd8 - Tunnel Vision WINGTIPS - Deaf Pursuit Lord Of The Lost - Loreley Blitz - Underground Sweet William - Follow Me Double Eyelid - Diamond Cutter (Dead Red Velvet Remix) A Covenant of Thorns - Torn in Two

Music Video: Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly - A Packet Of Crisps

Showing off a rowdy electropunk vibe, injecting a bit of extra energy into their sound just in time for a lively summer, Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly, the indie pop extraordinaires, have kept up their breakneck pace of non-stop monthly single releases, without sacrificing high quality content, with this being no exception. As always it's presented with a video stimulation, this time instead of a psychedelic collage (which suits their more flowy chill music) they have a rather rudimentary but entertaining video of a demolition derby (perfectly suiting for this more stripped down groovy type track). Don't miss it on their official YouTube in the player above or at the video link below an

Toothpinch's Track "Rigged & Broken (ft Jenova Project)" Is Featured On DJ Scott D

DJ Scott Durand's Dark Indulgence Radio, a frequent supporter of various Infidel Netwerk artists and a true patron of quality Industrial and Hard Dance Music, has featured Toothpinch & Jenova PRoject collaborative track "Rigged & Broken" on his June 30th episode. Catch the full episode featuring this track The second track in, what an honor!) as well as artists like Hocico, Statiqbloom, Rotersand, and more free streaming on Mixcloud: Tracklisting 1. Hocico - Damaged 2. Toothpinch & Jenova Project - Rigged and broken 3. Statiqbloom - Silverface 4. Causenation - Demons of the night (Fir

Weekly Social Media Roundup: 6/27/19 to 7/05/19

​As many of you know, the Utah base Electro-Industrial act, Contaminated Intelligence, played at the Mechanismus Festival in Seattle. Capturing lots of great photos from their performances, as well as providing a personal snippet of what they experienced, it's nice for fans who couldn't make it to get a glimpse of the action. Check out Contaminated Intelligence's Facebook page or Artist profile on The Infidel Netwerk to discover more about the artist's activities or history: Download Contaminted Intelligence's music on his official Bandcamp: https://contaminatedintelligence.bandcamp.c