Fresh Trax!: Toothpinch - Rigged & Broken (ft Jenova Project)

Teaming up for a wild warping psychedelic electro-industrial / metal fusion are two of the progressive industrial heavyweights on The Infidel Netwerk, none-other-then Toothpinch (who just recently released another awesome collaboration with Cyberlich, which you don't wanna miss) and Jenova Project (who just recently dropped two EPs, including one in collaboration with a different Lich, undead ahoy over here!). Providing you with the vehemently anti-establishment banger, don't miss this excellent new track available on several different platforms including... Bandcamp: and Souncloud:

The BESS Blog: Episode 1 (5/26/2019)

BESS, the Indiana based eclectic singer-songwriter and poet, has been very busy on social media promoting her latest album War A Mystery, which can be found for digital download on her Bandcamp: To accompany her release she has put out quite a few promotional pictures, released video blogs, as well as continued some cover song videos. However make sure to follow her on her official Facebook for the latest updates: And check out her artist profile on The Infidel Netwerk to get links to all her social media links: Here you can find pictures from a studio session on Ma

Weekly Social Media Roundup: 5/18/19 to 5/25/19

Severed Skies announced last Saturday that they were working on new material. Well, not one to leave you hanging to long, Severed Skies provided a short but sweet preview of his new material. Check it out on his Facebook stream which can be found embedded to the side, or on his official Facebook at the following link: Check out his Facebook page or Artist profile on The Infidel Netwerk to discover more about the artist's activities or history: Droid Sector Decay have a new album coming out called "In Suffering We Dwell", and c

Lilith My Mother Appears On FlyFlew Radio & Communion After Dark

Lilith My Mother has continued to make waves with his latest release getting airplay on two more popular radioshows this week. This time up is the FlyFlew Radio show as well as the Communion After Dark show. Both feature Industrial and Dark Electronic music extensively, and it's nice to see him played along other great acts such as Amnistia, Massive Ego, Frozen Plasma, Hocico and more! Check them out on their official Mixcloud shows: Get all the lowdown on Lilith My Mother's project including a biography, releas

Weekly Social Media Roundup: 5/11-19 to 5/17/19

Starting now, once a week (thought it may increase in frequency in the future) I will be posting an update every Friday that rounds up all the important social media posts that didn't get their own individual blog posts. Things like pictures or minor announcements that were featured on The Infidel Netwerk and respective artist Facebook and Instagram profiles. Anyways, without further ado, check out what's been happening with The Infidel Netwerk artists over this last week... Severed Skies announced last Saturday that: Exciting news for those who enjoyed the music from Synthwave / Electro-Industrial fusion artist from Virginia known as Severed Skies, the synthmaster is hard at work finishing

New Album!: Blackpill - Declaration Of War

Are you prepared for a Declaration Of War? If you're looking for intense hard hitting music that fuses the best of EBM, aggrotech, acid techno, industrial metal, and electro-industrial then look no further. Truly music for the coming rebellion, this no-shits-given full frontal audio assault will be the music we tear the establishment down to. Smashing drums, pulsing arpeggiators, dancey inspiring driving leads, and distorted vocals that call out the enemy's bullshit and inspire's those with a true mind and heart to kick-start the war on our oppressors. Featuring remixes by popular Mexican Aggrotech musicans C-Lekktor, as well as fellow The Infidel Netwerk members Toothpinch & Jenova Project,

New Album! : BESS - War Is A Mystery

BESS has redelivered in a new remastered and consolidated format her War Is A Mystery album, now available for digital download on Bandcamp. Providing us with a poetry-driven counter-culture loving album of experimental indietronica tracks that twist and turn among a variety of genres and sounds throughout, seemingly depending on what suits the mood and theme of the challenging and reflective lyrical experiences she creates. Including on the album also is another Infidel Netwerk artists, Toothpinc, who features on the intense and emotional track Who Are You as well as provides the final mixing and mastering for the album. Filled to the brim with progressive vocals and evolving soundscapes, c

Lilith My Mother Appears On The Recent Highway 7 And Cold Transmission Shows

Lilith My Mother's has tracks featured on Industrial and Alternative Synth mixshows Highway 7 & Cold Transmission, in their most recently uploaded playlists (as of May 7th). Featured along other greats such as The Sisters Of Mercy, Actors, Drab Majesty, Sombre, and more catch these epic episodes which can be found free streaming on their's official Mixclouds Highway 7 Tracklisting The Sisters Of Mercy - Poison Door Brotherhood - Rain Rosetta Stone Tomorrow For Us Paralysed Age - No Lights! No Lights The Rope - Gravity La Grazia Obliqua - Heil The Kaos Sombre -Kids In America Calomine - Bruxelles ACTORS - Mining For Heart Ultrviolence – Winning GOLD - He is Not Sombre -Black Skin T

Toothpinch Makes Appearances On Synthentral 05.03.2019

For those that missed it, Toothpinch, an American Electro-Industrial / Aggrotech artist and member of The Infidel Netwerk, has made an appearance on popular online radio station Synthentral, which features many Popular and Underground Industrial and Hard Electronic acts, including in this episode: Xenia Beliayeva, Damsel In The Dollhouse, A Covenant Of Thorns, EchoDroides, Finkseye, Grey Gallows, Monowelt, Synthjunk, Dicepeople, Mentallo And The Fixer, XMH, Level 2.0, Absurd Minds, Electronic Zoo, The Soviet Union, Velvet Acid Christ, Informatik, Wolfsheim, Static Movement, Lazerhawk, Baltic Fleet, Dukstrab, Exemia, In Vein, Electro Planet, and Vaylon!. You can find links to the show below:

Catch Biohacker on Dark Indulgence 05.05.19

Biohacker the Irish Industrial Rocker, appears on the latest episode of Scott Durand's Dark Indulgence Radio, along with STATIQBLOOM, Mondträume, Technomancer, and much more for a night of hard electronics. Check it out full streaming below at the link or in our embedded player: Tracklisting The Geography Project - Winterstorm (Commisarmix) Frontwave Machine - Blackest boots STATIQBLOOM - Eight hearts Eight spikes (Releases 06.07.19) Minuit Machine - Drgs (Releases 05.13.19) Mondträume - Lovers, sinners, liars (Releases 06.28.19) Operation Blue Eyes - Filth Sylker - Hate yoursel

New Album!: Biohacker - Resurrection

Irish Industrial Rock act Biohacker has returned with a new remix album, that truly lives up to it's name, "Resurrection". Born out of the ashes of a computer failure and a major life move, this Industrial all-star persevered against the odds and reestablished himself stronger then ever. In celebration of his overcoming of major obstacles he went back with his new studio setup he managed to get, through a successful crowdfunding campaign, and recrafted some of his favorite tracks of his past bringing whole new life to them. Darker and more atmospheric when required, but also harder and dancier in the right places, this album fulfills it's purpose succinctly, giving both a "best of" so far wh

Music Video: Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly - We Can (ft Joy)

"We Can, the story of a song. Whilst visiting England during the spring of 2014, the idea for a song came to me. I was compelled to record it immediately, so I did a rough version on my laptop. I was listening back to it on headphones when my then 11-year-old daughter Joy came in and asked to listen, of course I said yes. She started humming a melody and then asked if she could write some lyrics. In less than an hour she had written and recorded scratch vocals for the song. That was the start of “we can”. On our return to the US, Joy came into our studio and we recorded the vocals properly. Derek and I talked about producing the song and writing better music for it. We were recently going th