Fresh Trax!: Ultra LHT Voyeur - Pushing Large

Can you feel your favorite flavor? The Voyeur is in to deliver his Antartic chills, the most real taste of them all: pure ice. Come for the shine but beware you can go blind if you don't got money on the mind. S curl dollar signs, you know what's the process. Give up any sense of sensibilities and wish yourself for a wild ride cause you got more than that coming in this wistful mirage that will keep you high and low all at the same time. The Voyeur beckons, will you answer the call? Listen to the music streaming on his YouTube or Soundcloud: Download the track on Ultra LHT Voyeur's official Bandcamp: https://ultralhtvoye

Fresh Trax! : Elvis Einstein - Pride

The first release from Elvis Einstein's upcoming seventh album, "The Seventh Seal". It has been nearly a year since we have heard anything new from Elvis Einstein, but that time has come to an end. Back from the shadows, and straight out of the Anti-creation, the dark messenger returns to preach the truth to those who would be saved. Love to see artists always getting better, make sure to give him some support and download the track on his official Bandcamp: Get up to date information on Elvis Einstein at his official Facebook: Lyrics Look at me children gods gift to the world Bringing meaning and

Fresh Trax! : Jodo Kazt - Plague Queen (THE KAN Remix)

Mixing serenity and brutality, with the song leaning to the latter side rather then the former, this loose interpretation of Jodo Kazt's Plague Queen is certainly an intense affair. Brutal distorted sliding bass pounds across frantic machine gun percussion, lazer like warps and pulses rip through the track at an equally aggressive pace, creating something that equates to a seizure of sound. Totally up my style, and if you're into hard dance at all this will be your thing. Short and sweet, this beats doesn't stop for a pure 2 and a half minutes so prepare for a ride. Check it out it out on The KAN's official Soundcloud: ​Get u

Music Video: Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly - Peace Is The Path

Providing a very chilled out Moby-inspired downtempo pop track, Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly deliver another excellent music/video experiance with their latest track "Peace Is The Path". Coming up with more witty anti-Capitalistic poetry crooned across a bass driven beats, these guys know how to give you an experience that is equally longing and questioning as it is dreamy and psychedelic. Backed by an suitably trippy video that continually falls and warps into itself (just watch and you will see), you will find yourself entertained on a multiple of mediums. Watch the video on their official YouTube in the player above or at the video link below: Download t

New Album!: Bleach For The Stars - Wyrm Cast

If you're looking for a true terror filled experiance, look no further then Wyrm Cast. "It's not an easy album, in any sense. It's perhaps my best though" is a powerful statement from the artist, Ben Power the mastermind behind the equally infamous now defunct (or taking a break?) Vore Complex. Literal screaming, pounding, and clanking of noise, layered with all sorts of sampled and synthesized oddities proliferate this dark droning chaotic affair. Part of the "Death Industrial" type of music, this truly sounds like the deepest darkest pits of the abyss swallowing you hole, digesting you, and then proceeding to shit you out reborn a void parasite ready to feast on the aether. Or something al

Toothpinch Appears On Last Weekends Cyberage Radio Playlist

Continuing his frequenting of Cyberage Radio, Toothpinch makes another appearence on the epicly long jam-packed industrial playlist. Featuring artists such as: Angels On Acid, Hanzel Und Gretyl, Dawn Of Ashes, Noisuf-X, Pre-Emptive Strike 0.1, Wolfchild, Avarice In Audio, Chainreactor, and more! Check it out free streaming and download at the Cyberage Radio website: #Toothpinch #ElectroIndustrial #IndustrialMusic #ElectronicMusic #DanceMusic #NewMusic #RadioShow #DJMix #CyberageRadio #TheUnitedStates #TheInfidelNetwerk #2019

Live Show!: Abyss @ F#CK Cancer Fundraiser/Homegrown Show // The NY Grill & Bistro (Jan. 19th)

Kickin' it up at the NY Grill & Bistro in Langley for another epic night of local Hip-Hop talent, Abyss the Mighty Void will be opening up for Homegrown, a collab between frequent The Infidel Netwerk collaborator Big M.I.C. and his brother StrayOne. Also seen at the event will be a solo set by Big M.I.C, as well as perfomance by the entertaining trio Dead Alive. An epic night indeed, and all going to a good cause with funds being used to raise for cancer treatment for Della Rose Bird. $10 donation admission, with all paid entrances also receiving a raffle in a 50/50 silent auction. Come on down, You can keep up to date with all of Abyss' latest activities on his official Facebook: https://ww

Fresh Trax! : Fatal Empath - Contemplations

Beautifully lush, and immensely dreamy, Fatal Empath conjures up a decadently serene psybient tune entitled "Contemplations". Living up the name of the song, this track certainly draws you into a zone of zen, helping one channel those inner vibes and bring you to another dimension of thought. Swelling pads, delayed dubby drums, and soft keyboards mesh in and out of each other in a swirl of melodies and rhythm, an excellent experience from beginning to end. Check it out free streaming on Fatal Empath's official Soundcloud: Follow her latest activities on her official Facebook: Download her albums on her off

Fresh Trax!: Ultra LHT Voyeur - Heads Float

Heads float through the jet smoke, as the yard sale to heaven goes in full flare. The Voyeur is about walking the worlds between awake and asleep, alive and dead, dimensional and shifting. Consequences are unknown, as are the parameters, but that doesn't stop the fun from happening. Take a toke, and watch your heaaaadssss flloooatt. Listen to the music streaming on his YouTube or Soundcloud: Download the track on Ultra LHT Voyeur's official Bandcamp: Recorded by theProphet @ The Infidel Netwerk studios and record label: Follow Ultra LHT Voyeur

Fresh Trax! : M-Fap - True Warrior

Respect is the baseline for any individual who wishes to succeed. Respect for self, respect for one's place, and respect for those around you. Judgment will find to those who refuse to believe or those who wish to deceive, so it's better to find your definitions at an early point in your mortal condition. This is the ballad of the immortal warrior, true will grants you the ability to peer through time gathering visions of the seer. Download the track on my official Bandcamp: Stream the song on The Infidel Netwerk YouTube channel: Or alternatively listen to the track on his official Soundcloud: https://so

Fresh Trax!: Ultra LHT Voyeur - Grandz In The Handz

Dynamic brain twists and wicked rhymes in the lair of the king, enter the hip-hop cryogenic lab with the Voyeur himself ... Money talks, and as far as he's had this LHT Boi acronym he's always had the Grandz In His Handz. Take another stroll through this urban shaman's distinct entertaining worldview in the realm of the Voyeur. Listen to the music streaming on his YouTube or Soundcloud: Download the track on Ultra LHT Voyeur's official Bandcamp: Recorded by theProphet @ The Infidel Netwerk studios and record label: www.theinfidelnetwerk.c

Music Video: Venture - Test Pattern

Capturing an intimate view of himself in his most vulnerable, expressing himself with uttermost regard to authenticity and emotionalimpact, Venture delivers a up close and personal minimal and moody video for his 2017 song "Test Pattern". His voice and lyrics as powerful as ever, don't sleep on this great track and atmospheric video. Video created in collaboration with Bubba Gummzes & theProphet from The Infidel Netwerk, this track can be found for streaming on his official YouTube Channel: Keep up to date with their latest activities on their official Facebook pages: Download his music on his official Bandcamp: https://ventur

Bud-Ski Releases A New Spoken Word Song "Expiration Date" (Music By Chris Brewer)

Providing another intimate look into the darkest crevices of his mind, relishing in descriptive imagery that grants you a sense of presence in his painful awareness, Bud-ski gives you his first dishing of 2019. A solid spoken word poem, with an ambient backgrounding provided by long-time collaborter and friend Chris Brewer, check it out free streaming on YouTube: Follow Bud-ski's latest activities on his official Facebook: Stream and download his music on his official Bandcamp: #BudSki #TheInfidelNetwerk #NewMusic #SpokenWord #HipHop #Canada #BritishColumbia #2019

Fresh Trax!: Divine Virtual Reality - Astral Projection

Starting 2019 with a crash (quite literally, and several of them), Divine Virtual Reality brings forth another excellent psychedelic Aggrotech-inspired Industrial Techno creation. Uplifting and dreamy, but still capturing the distorted frantic soundscapes you're used to hearing with the Divine master, this track is an excellent instrumental addition to his already excellent arsenal of dancefloor smashers. Catch the track for free streaming on his official Soundcloud: Be sure to listen to his music and follow him on his various musical streaming platforms: Link 1: Link 2: https://m.soundcloud.c

Tunnelmental Release A Teaser For New Music Video, "Peace Is The Path"

Another talented prolific pair of artists are starting off the year with a brand new single, AND music video, however you'll have to wait a bit to get your hands on it (Jan. 18th to be exact...). However, to satisiate your hunger for new Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly, we have for you a brand new teaser of the video for the track "Peace Is The Path", just watch the embeded YouTube player above. You can find their releases on their official Bandcamp: Follow Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly on their official Facebook: #TheInfidelNetwerk #IndustrialRock #PopMusic #NewMusic #IndustrialMusic #TunnelmentalExperimentalA

Biohacker Now Provides The Intro Music For Synthentral

Biohacker, the Irish Industrial Rocker and newest Infidel Netwerk member, has joined Toothpinch as a frequenter on Synthentral, and has even gone as far as to make a strong enough impression to have one of his track's be used as the intro music for Synthentral in general. Catch it for the rest of 2019! Info on the latest episode, and first of the new year, provided below: Synthetral Today's episode features music by Ultranoire, In Good Faith, U-Manoyed, Van Roy Asylum, Culttastic, Kennelklubben, Ghost Noise, The Present Moment, Cyberthing!, Sandstone, Liya, Antilav,

Modular Reaper Imager Releases Promo Video For New Music

Modular Reaper Imager gives us a teaser of some of what to expect for this upcoming year with new music and visuals, providing a quick teaser video which shows some of his impressive self-created visual FX along with an oh-so-brief snippet of a new song he's been working on. Check out the video on his official YouTube: Download Modular Reaper Imager's debut album on his official Bandcamp: Stream it on Spotify: Check out Modular Reaper Imager's Facebook for all the latest information: Check