New Album!: Vore Complex - Fires Fly

Presenting his no less then 9th release off the year, Vore Complex, the prolific British Industrial master of mystical audio terrorism, returns with Fires Fly, a deep haunting complex set of tense pieces. Starting off slow and beckoning, creeping and crawling. This album is in start contrast to his last release which felt playful and whimsical, providing none of that and stepping far into the realms of pure cold aesthetic and sound. This is another excellent addition to the Vore Complex discography and can be found for digital download on his official Bandcamp: Band description of Blight Later, and not too soon, but it'll be here.

Fresh Trax! : The KAN - Adamastor

Continuing his trend of dark and thematic tracks, The KAN returns with another strange beast, this time channeling important literature from his own hometown as inspiration to create a track with the intensity of black metal, the ferocity of drum & bass, and the epicness of rock opera. In his own words, the "ADAMASTOR is the legendary Portuguese beast in the epic book of Luis Vaz De Camões,Lusiadas, one of the biggest literature masterpiece of all times, here is tribute of THE KAN to one of the most impressive books of Portuguese history"... Check it out it out on The KAN's official Soundcloud: ​Get up to date information on his official Facebook: htt

Fresh Trax!: Blackpill - Revolution (Biohacker Remix)

Are you prepared for the revolution? For it will be coming knocking on your door whether you are ready or not. Better to keep it real then not, and these two are certainly keeping it real with another excellent remix from Biohacker, this time for Oklahoma City's own Blackpill. Combining the aggressive vibes from the original track, and bringing the track into a more doomy downtempo vibe (all without loosing the intensity present from the original, just transferring it's intensity into a different presentation) this track reminds me of Velvet Acid Christ at his most psychedelic, and will most likely be a fan for any Black Pill, Biohacker, or Electro-Industrial fan in general. Check it out on

New Album! : Catgotwasted - Low Flying Object EP

Deep dark and sounding as wasted as ever, Catgotwasted has for you some of his usual affair of pulsing arpeggiators, droning pads, and low end that'll make you stick to a wall, throw on your hard hat and prepare for another psychedelic beating of oddball sounds and damp atmospheres. Check out this short but sweet release on his official Bandcamp for digital download: Tracklisting: 1. Apollo 11 2. 000 Delay 3. Low Flying Object Get up to date information at Catgotwasted's official Facebook: You can download many of Catgotwasted's track's on his official Bandcamp: https://catgotwasted.bandcamp.

Fresh Trax! : Databyte - Void

Continuing the trend of brutally awesome and adventurous tracks by Infidel Netwerk artists this winter season, Databyte unleashes another high powered electro-DnB dance-floor smasher. Thick juicy frantic drums pulsate and smash their way along to the rhythmic jostling of an equally high paced collection of arpeggiaters. Calmly guiding the track along as a steady back-line constant is a haunting pad which reminds you of the darkness that the track is trying to convey. Check out Void for free streaming on Databyte's official Soundcloud: Follow his latest activities on his official Facebook: Download his albums on his of

Fresh Trax!: Toothpinch - Downfall

Haunting piano and scratching guitars creep their way along to a deep and moody pulsing arpeggio. Crisp raspy vocals call out from the dark mood set beckoning forth the danger to come. The song drops and a beautiful melody serenades you showing you the variety of this progressive Electro-Industrial artists. Quickly again the song changes again picking up pace with thick aggressive arpeggiators, precise hitting acoustic sounding drums, and haunting atmospheric soundscapes that'd make any Skinny Puppy or Front Line Assembly fan coo. Totally one of the raddest songs in the underground Industrial to come out recently, it's well worth the checkout, find the new track on Bandcamp: https://toothpin

Modular Reaper Imager Presents An Excellent Collection Of Cyberpunk Themed Audio/Visual Treats

Flexing his impressive video and image editing skills, and capturing the Reaper vibes in a comprehensive multimedia format, Modular Reaper Imager has been busy over the last couple of weeks continually dishing out a non-stop barrage of engaging digital media. A collection of audio/visual teasers can be found below, as well as if you scroll down past the videos a collection of his recent promotional images. If you are into some serious cyberpunk dystopian imagery then I would suggest giving it a look. #ModularReaperImager #TheInfidelNetwerk #MusicNews #2018 #IndustrialMetal #ElectroIndustrial #IndustrialMusic #ElectronicMusic #TheUnitedStates #California #theProphet #Dystopia #Cyberpunk

Fresh Trax!: V-Tesh - miudo da rua (versão trap)

Showing a different side of his musical production, V-Tesh, more commonly known by his name The KAN, brings a Trap inspired EDM track that while contains all the elements you'd expect in a traditional dance track, takes a lot more of a slower and vibey take to things. Very downtempo in it's presentation, the beat is duby and half-time, and deep melodic pads take up a lot of the space granted in the track. Haunting but still driving, this track is certainly an interesting addition to V-Tesh's already distinstinly diverse musical career. Check it ouit free streaming on his official YouTube: Follow The KAN on his official Facebook:

Fresh Trax!: Varicella - Obssessed With Flesh (Biohacker Remix)

Pitch-shifted distorted vocals of pure darkness boom across a frantic arpeggio and thick crunchy drums in a non-stop four-to-the-floor pound. Crunchy rhythmic guitars lunge forth adding to the tension. Biohacker, the newest Infidel Netwerk member, provides a truly gritty remix of Varicella's track Obsessed with Flesh which can be found for streaming and digital download on Biohacker's official Bandcamp: Follow Biohacker on his official Facebook for up to date information on his latest activities: #Biohacker #Varicella #IndustrialMusic #ElectronicMusic #DanceMusic #NewMusic #Remix #MetalM

Fresh Trax!: Divine Virtual Reality - Passion Of The Lost

Releasing his first track of the winter season Divine Virtual Reality returns with a rolling poppy psychedelic electro-industrial affair, offering his trademark distorted and scratchy vocals over pounding drums and unusually upbeat electronica infused synthesizer arpeggios and melodies. Catch the track for free streaming on his official Soundcloud: Lyrics: All my life Drains in time All my existence was sold I found myself Inside this dark light Never to be whole again We lost ourselves inside this sound Always broken Always left for dead What is really left? If love was forgotten What is really felt? If everyth

New Album!: Vore Complex - Fresh Cuts

Continuing with his relentless stream of new releases, Vore Complex brings another batch of noisy electro-industrial inspired monstrosities. Self-described as more "punky and percussive" but strangely "upbeat" then his other works, and I honestly think it truly works for the band providing his most accessible work to date, most authentically channeling his :wumpscut: influence's melodicism into his work. However, despite the more melodically rhythmic nature of the release, it still manages to be tormented affair with harsh distortion applied liberally do the vocals and elements of the percussion, making good contrast to the more eccentric elements of the tracks and keeping it to it's electro