Fresh Trax! : Databyte - Lament Configuration

Punchy and rhythm oriented, psychedelic and wavery, this Databyte track definitily channels the best out of the Big Beat era of the late 90s and early 2000s and fuses it with his love for Synthwave & Electro to create a powerful Post-EDM masterpiece. Filled with potent breaks, catchy melodies, warping synths, and deep bass wubs, if you're in the mood for some fast dancy fun this is the track for you. Find the track for free streaming on Databyte's official Soundcloud: Follow his latest activities on his official Facebook: Download his albums on his official Bandcamp: #The

Fresh Trax! : Negative Power Unit - Dead Wraith

Coming back from a deep slumber for the most important holiday of the year, Negative Power Unit unleashes upon you all the dark and mysterious beast known as the Dead Wraith. Rolling and grooving all the way to your soul the moody and melodic dark electronica instrumental is a perfect background piece for your Samhain adventures. Catch it free streaming on his official Soundcloud: Get up to date information at Corrosive Reaction's official Facebook: #TheInfidelNetwerk #NewMusic #ElectronicMusic #DanceMusic #IndustrialMusic #MusicNews #NegativePowerUnit #Austria #2018 #ElectroIndustrial

Music Video: Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly - Halo

Continuing their prolific release of ironically conscious pop music, the tunnelmental experimental assembly have dished up another infectious piece of vocal trip-hop / EDM fusion. Presented in combination with a controversial and psychedelically stimulating collage of bizarre religious behavior this dancy new single is worthy of both watch and listen. Watch the video on their official YouTube in the player above or at the video link below: Download this release, or any of their excellent releases, on their official Bandcamp: Follow Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly on

Machines On Blast Release Teaser Of New Demo "All Out War" (With Vocals!)

Machines On Blast are teasing a brand new extremely brutal and riff heavy guitar driven Industrial Metal banger entitled "All Out War". Giving you a taste of what to expect, I really hope this track makes the final cut to the album, as this is some seriously epic stuff. Catch the video clip below to get taste of the glory yourself: Follow Machines On Blast on their official Facebook: Download their music on their official Bandcamp: Stream their music on Spotify or Apple Music: #MachinesOnBlast #Th

Modular Reaper Imager's Behind The Scenes Productions

Modular Reaper Imager has been working progressively behind the scenes on a followup to his critically rated debut he put out last year, as well as video content which will hopefully go along with it, most likely for a 2019 release, if all goes as planned. You can find a collection of photos and videos below which give you some insight into the workings of the machine: #ModularReaperImager #TheInfidelNetwerk #MusicNews #2018 #IndustrialMetal #ElectroIndustrial #IndustrialMusic #ElectronicMusic #TheUnitedStates #California #theProphet

New Machines On Blast Promo Video & Merchandise

Machines On Blast have been pushing forward with a slow but steady batch of live shows, merchandise reveals, and promo videos, keeping a continual hype machine going for their Industrial Metal making machine. Below you can find promotional clip for their song Black Market Happiness that includes footage from some of their live shows: You can find also find new Skull & Gear MOB logo shirts on their Bandcamp: #MachinesOnBlast #TheInfidelNetwerk #MusicNews #IndustrialMetal #IndustrialMusic #2018 #theProphet #Florida #TheUnitedStates #ElectronicMusic #Merchandise #Promo

The Busy Times Of Divine Virtual Reality

Currently the Texas based Industrial / Aggrotech / Power Noise artist Divine Virtual Reality is working on new songs, with the possibility of a new album for 2019. Currently you will find a preview of a new song entitled Astral Projection, which you will be able to find on his YouTube channel: Also quite excitingly, DVR has a brand new rather professional looking artistic logo designed by the extremely talented Raven Bellum. You can find the design below: Last but not least, DVR has been featured on DSBP Records' Animal Sanctuary compilation series, providing a remix to Genius Of Nefarious's track Here Comes The Bride. You can order a CD over the release on DSBP'

Fresh Trax!: Ultra LHT Voyeur - Hunter Trapper

Prepare for a state of the art, multi-angle, assault on your senses as the Hunter Trapper shatters your preconceptions of what you think you know and what you really know. Enter a trance as a codeine-infused cocktail is sipped back and you tango with the psychedelic tiger that is the Ultra LHT Voyeur. Listen to the music streaming on his YouTube or Soundcloud: Download the track on Ultra LHT Voyeur's official Bandcamp: Recorded by theProphet @ The Infidel Netwerk studios and record label: Follow Ultra LHT Voyeur on his official Facebook

Fresh Trax!: Jenova Project - Left-Hand Path

The Left-Hand Path is one of dedication to the liberation of pure free will. It is not for the faint of heart, for you will face demons within and without, as above so below. But if one can learn to conquer fear, and traverse the abyss, put the angels and demons in their rightful place as servitors to your majesty, then the throne will be available to reclaim. Focus on a list of demands, and make it yours! You can stream the track on The Infidel Netwerk's official YouTube or our official Soundcloud: Download the track on our official Bandcamp at a very reasonable "Pay What You Want" price: https://jenovaproject