Fresh Trax!: Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly - Human Racing

Dark and lush, but smooth and serene, this introspective and progressive dance-pop track fits in great to Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly's ever growing discography of thoughtful content. With space-ward bound lyrics used as a passionate metaphor for our existential human condition they succeed once again at painting their philosophical ponderings in an entertaining package. With a complex and progressive instrumental containing deep pulsing basslines, filtered rhymic synth chords, sweeping spacey pads, glittering arpeggios, and huge horns all moving throughout the tracks, you will be entertained from beginning to end. Download this release, or any of their excellent releases, on their of

Infidel Interview #146 : Vlad The Guru

First off, just want to thank you for participating in this edition of Infidel Interviews. Could you start off by giving a little information about you to the audience? Whatever you feel comfortable with, but name, age, and where you live would be pretty standard? I’m Vlad the Guru I’m 23 and I’m from the east side of Pittsburgh PA. What does Vlad the Guru mean to you in 2018? And how does that compare to what the project meant to you guys when it was formed? I’m assuming you mean my mixtape INTRO, it honestly was exactly what it’s named. An introduction to Vlad the Guru, it was a mix of many different styles showing you my capabilities as an artist and what I have to offer. Looking back at

Fresh Trax!: Ultra LHT Voyeur - Loving Sound

Do you feel your body banging to the loving sound? Take a trip through strippers, hoes, post-dimensional physics, and cosmic vibrational frequencies of hip-hop eccentricity with the Ultra LHT Voyeur in his latest exposition of magnificence. Listen to the music streaming on his YouTube or Soundcloud: Download the track on Ultra LHT Voyeur's official Bandcamp: Recorded by theProphet @ The Infidel Netwerk studios and record label: Follow Ultra LHT Voyeur on his official Facebook & Twitter channels:

Fresh Trax!: LICH vs Jenova Project - 11010111

Endlessly scavenging and searching in a purposeless tireless effort. We are the eternal machine built upon the source code. Seperation defining the task, as we intergrate into the 0's and 1's. What is this soul you speak off? Cannot compute. SYSTEM... OVERLOAD...!!!! You can stream the track on The Infidel Netwerk's official YouTube or our official Soundcloud: Download the track on our official Bandcamp at a very reasonable "Pay What You Want" price: Lyrics Scavenging, endlessly, searching, tirelessly, Purposelessness, reflections of the scrap That we eternally search through

Severed Skies Appears On Russian Dark Community's Third Compilation Album "Dark Vision Vol.

The talented New Wave & Industrial fusion powerhouse Severed Skies once again appears on Russian Dark Community compilation album series, Dark Vision Vol. 3 Featuring 39 tracks from some of the best acts in the underground Industrial community, including Severed Skies of course, as well as Simplefixity, Outpost 11, Stellar Dynamics, The Ghost Of Bela Legosi, plus many many more, this is not a compilation to miss for any dark electro fans. A worthy listen from beginning to end, check it out, at a "Pay What You Want" price on their official Bandcamp: Follow Severed Skies on his official Facebook to keep up to date with their lat

New Album!: The KAN - I Will Take What's Mine

Releasing his second EP of 2018, Portugese DnB/Metal fusion act The KAN has kept himself mighty busy producing quality material. This EP manages to be his most diverse to date. Starting off with a title track, which features an epic almost punk inspired track with extremely powerful vocals, followed by Fortuna a dark and haunting track we reviewed earlier in the month, then It's Okay To Be Strange, a tried true classic DnB/Industrial Metal fusion that we've all grown to love from The Kan. The second half of the release provides Legion of Horribles, a bizarre Industrial/Thrash/Dubstep combination that sounds like a madhouse, and then lastly an instrumental cover of Cypress Hill's Rockstar, ro

New Album!: Vore Complex - Blight

Particular prolific this summer, Vore Complex has another (albeit short) full-length album for you all to wrap your head around. Featuring many of the staples you've come to love from this British Industrial veteran, pounding distorted drums, eerie samples, and frantic arpeggiators, however the time with an interesting focus on complex soundscapes and pads, none which are to overeager to be overbearing in the mix but play an important part of the aggressive and haunting tonal landscapes conjured by Mr. Powers, the man behind the madness. Another excellent addition to his extensive catalog, you can find it streaming/download on his official Bandcamp: https://vorecomplexself-released.bandcamp.

Fresh Trax!: Ultra LHT Voyeur - Saddleboys & Aztecs

Jump on the saddle and prepare for another wild ride through the countryside with the Prince of Thieves, the Darling of Devious Deeds, the Ultra LHT Voyeur. This time in foreign lands, but don't worry everything's duty-free, unless you mean the duty to entertainment in which case this fully provides. Mixing indie rock, hip-hop, electronica, and trap into a beautiful fusion of sounds this unique song will capture your attention and provide you with the dance of a lifetime. Listen to the music streaming on his YouTube or Soundcloud: Download the track on Ultra LHT Voyeur's official Bandcamp:

Fresh Trax! : The KAN - Fortuna

Omnious and haunting, without lacking the pure brutality you expect, The KAN strikes back with another excellent track, this time channeling more atmospheric and symphonic qualities then have been presented before. Aptly entitled "Fortuna", this foreboding track will chill you straight to the bone with haunting ethereal voices, swelling pads, and grating ambient distortion. Check it out it out on The KAN's official Soundcloud: ​Get up to date information on his official Facebook: #TheInfidelNetwerk #NewMusic #ElectronicMusic #DanceMusic #IndustrialMusic #TheKAN #DrumBass #Dubstep #Portugal #2018

Fresh Trax!: Big M.I.C. - Purpose

Striving for greatness no matter where he is in space or time, location or paradigm, the champion of Langley Hip-Hop, Big M.I.C., delivers another excellent track of old school hip-hop. Spitting straight to the point, all attitude, and full of conviction this real-G shows confidence, dedication, and perseverance on this uplifting song dedicated to staying true to your course no matter the challenge or adversary faced.. Produced by Eng Mixed and Mastered by Matt "theProphet" Smith Check it out free streaming on his official YouTube: Follow his latest activities on his official Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: https://www.ins

New Album!: Bud-ski - Gimme That

Bud-ski's new album "Gimme That" is now available on my Bandcamp. The album features Sikadime, Abyss, and Vicious 5150, as well as production from Chris Brewer, Dean Lofi, and Databyte. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered for The Infidel Netwerk by Matthew "theProphet" Smith. This was a fun return to a more traditional sound he really used to get inspired by. Try it out! Download the album at a "Pay What You Want" price on his official Bandcamp: Follow Bud-ski on Facebook for all his latest activities: 1. Blood Sweat & Tears 2. Meditate - Feat Sikadime 3. Gimme That 4. Dinosaurs - Feat Abyss 5. Legend