Infidel Interview #87 - Vicious 5150

Vicious 5150 of the HazMatMusic hip-hop collective from British Columbia, Canada has joined The Infidel Netwerk for our latest video interview. Chatting about past, present, and future we get to all the juicy stuff. Enjoy this interesting collection of introspections on the nature of the rap game, life, and his own experiences. Catch Vicious 5150 on his official Facebook: Download his music on his official Facebook: You can follow the HazMatMusic group on their official Facebook: And download their releases on their official Bandcamp: #R

Music Video: Bud-ski - Blank Expressions

Bud-Ski returns back in style, this time delivering an energetic music video packed with with some fresh tunes and hyper-critical spot-on lyrical delivery. "Blank Expressions" is more relevant then ever with Bud-ski's accurate political critique of our apathetic masses truly hitting home. And it's all packed over top of dark and unique sounding beat provided by the new avant-garde beat crafter theProphet of KVLT KRFT Productions. Download the track at a "Pay What You Want" price on his official Bandcamp: Follow Bud-ski on Facebook for all his latest activities: Check out KVLT KRFT Productions facebook

Music Video: Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly - Rise Up Now

Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly have just released their third music video in promotion for their brand new album "Waiting Here For You", this time for the groovy and inspiring electro-pop-punk track aptly entitled "Rise Up Now". Continuing their fantastic trend of showcasing a wide variety of eclectic styles all presented within their air-tight formula of writing memorable catchy tunes, this talented duo as always manage to masterfully capture and portray a unique melting pot of genres all without making their tracks feel so avant-garde that it detracts from the melodies. If anything, their music stands starkly on it's own as a perfect amalgamation of what has been popular in the past an

Review: Vicious 5150 - The One Who Two'd The Three

Starting off with one of the chillest instrumental grooves I've heard starting a hip-hop album in a long time, and descending right into some straight up G-Funk backed old-school speed rhymes, Vicious 5150's album kicks off with some pretty solid groove and atmosphere. Crystalline and dreamy vibrating synthesizer washes compliment Vicious's swift vocal delivery as he makes his opening for this album a truly mesmerizing affair. Continuing onward through some slower and more bass driven and groovy old-school hip-hop flavors, with the man behind the mic's delivery becoming only a little less frantic, the whole album seems to have a very contrasted feel, with it being packed with some pretty dam

Review: RCThaHazard & J-ClawSin - The 386 Tape

HazMatCrew ringleaders RCThaHazard and J-ClawSin, two of the hardest working rapper/producers in the BC Underground, have teamed up once again, this time for their first official full length album together. And boy has the wait been worth it! With greatness touched upon in their previous mixtape fully expanded in this diverse and emotive release, it truly never fails to engage all the way through. Eccentric and entertaining yet with lyrics that have a sobering punch of grit behind the grin, these guys clearly present themselves with a strongly composed balance between the dichotomies of seriousness and sillyness; the ultimate combination for a hip-hop album in my opinion. Moving between stan

Review: Jerm La Haine - H+ U+

Never afraid to push new boundaries, while still always managing to keep himself on a strangely concrete sonic pathway, one in which he has carved through many years and an extensive discography, Jerm La Haine (ex-Transhuman Unit) delivers yet again another breathtaking release with one of his most recent efforts “H+ U+”. Continuing to engage himself, and his audience, with an endless barrage of interesting and unique soundscapes, this release manages to be one of his most energetic albums he’s put out recently. Though not eschewing his love of creating deep bass driven progressive music that ultimately defies all sense of genre or musical convention, he definitely pushes a bit harder in thi

New Album!: Machines On Blast - Feast on the Repeating Misery (Remix Album)

Hitting hard in 2017, Machines On Blast have unleashed a deadly beast for you all, and it's free of charge. Featuring 30 tracks of remixes from some of the freshest and newest faces in hard electronic music, Feast On The Repeating Misery will show you many brand new interpretations to the mechanized creation called Machines On Blast. You'll see some familiar faces present on the release, acts that you'll recognize from previous The Infidel Netwerk promotions including remixes by Industrial Metal mastermind Dana James from K. P. Riot Brigade, Flordida based Dark Electro act 13th Angel, and the true rulers of Finnish digital hardcore King Tormentor, as well as many more other artists you'll re

Get A Variety Of Catgotwasted Shirts & Merchandise In The Official The Infidel Netwerk Redbubble

Catgotwasted, a long time The Infidel Netwerk veteran, and prolific British experimental electronica musician, has got a design out for his first batch of merchandise. Featuring his traditional logo, with the wasted cat himself, it's a worthy addition to the merch store. It comes in a variety of different formats including t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, women's shirts, mug's and even pillows! So no matter what you need, we got it in your format. Catch it all at the official The Infidel Netwerk Redbubble page: Get up to date information at Catgotwasted's official Facebook: