Data & Discs: Infidel Update 2016-01-27

So it's a been a bit of slow week here at the Infidel Netwerk. Main man theProphet has been sick as a dog, which put quite a few projects on hold. However, luckily we got some great international crew in the States to pick up the pace. So here we go a little bit awesomeness from both our guys down below. [In case you forgot, all the pictures are clickable, and lead to links for listening / viewing.] Hypnotic Jerk has been busy working on quite a few projects. A brand new epic track entitled "Weight Of The Whole World" featuring vocals sliced and edited from a new (currently unreleased) track of Jenova Project's. The track is as fresh as it's name sounds, and can be found on Soundcloud for yo

The Most Epic Return Of New Music Ever!

It's been exciting couple weeks here at The Infidel Netwerk. We have restarted our music production after the month long retreat during the Winter Break that we had. And not only do we have new music by Jenova Project (a new album and an EP actually), but we also have a new release from Matt & Colin, as well as four new bands!!! that have joined the Infidel Netwerk fold. So let's start with something new for you all!!! Cause I'm excited to bring to you the first international member of the the Infidel Netwerk (which up until this point has been predominently Canadian, and even specifically from the British Columbia provinence). His name is Brent Baldwin, and he has been producing electronic