Weekly Update 2015-10-14

Ah, yes, yet again another busy week here at The Infidel Netwerk. It's been a great one here, with lots of collaboration happening in many new and interesting directions. In one corner, Gaggle has resurfaced itself releasing only this last month their first full length album for free. And already they have been working on a followup release. Featuring bombastic and distorted basslines, dancey evolving drum grooves, and samples that leave you both confused and entertaining, they really have come back full in session. In the other corner, we have a new collaboration, with a fresh face. Another Matt has joined The Netwerk, the former guitarist for the local band Spoonbred, and has been jamming

Weekly Update 2015-10-07

It's been nice keeping things consistent here at The Infidel Netwerk. Every week since we've been back we've had a successful and productive update, with new releases from a wide variety of different artists. We hope to keep the trend going, along with as we mentioned when we first came back, some new features and articles. Over the last month and a half I've been dedicatedly working with several individuals on some new concepts to present to you from us. The first of them is going to be a dedicated news and information blog. I run something on Facebook called The Infidel Information Netwerk. It presents information from a wide variety of different sources, and individuals, on tops ranging f