Weekly Update 2015-9-30

Jenova Project In the Jenova Project world we've been seeing some definite polish coming out with his most recent online media work. All of his albums, now have official story concept synopses provided for them. Though they leave ambiguity, leaving some room for your imagination to fill in some of the blanks, they provide a platform for understanding the general concepts and connectivity between the various Jenova Project releases. All of this can be found on his official Bandcamp, Soundcloud, or Website. You can also now hear a brand new single from the guy. The track is entitled Tunnel, and can be found on his official Bandcamp. You can access that by clicking on the album artwork as seen

Weekly Update - 2015-09-23

Just as a note, you can click on any of the artworks for any of the releases mentioned, and it will link you straight to a place where you can listen to all of the music! all artwork was done by Bailee F, Jessikadabra, and Candy F Warhol, the artists for The Infidel Netwerk, as well as band member in Dirty Lint, OurTrees, and Gaggle. So this is the week we have been waiting for since pretty much the beginning of summer! We have the final releases for many of our premier artists here at The Infidel Netwerk. With singles released and albums teased since early June, we now have here Jenova Project's Dystopia, OurTrees' The Other Side EP, and Gaggle's I Forgot My Album Name EP. First off on the

Weekly Update 2015-09-17

Sorry for the delay to our regularly scheduled programming. We were hoping to get a blog roll updated last night, however some family matters came up, and a delay was put to today. So without further ado, I am rollin’ out for you some of the latest additions to the Infidel Netwerk. First is the sequel song, to M-Fap master track Delusions. A track that is all bite, aptly entitled "Teeth", it brings the listener through a journey into the sickest and depravest of minds, as he searches for existential meaning in an essentially meaningless world. Click any of the pictures to listen to the track! Next up for you to devour is the wonderful and epically lengthed Planetary Visions, but the non-stop

Weekly Update 2015-09-09

And we are back in session once again, after a long and well needed summer breather. We're gonna make it short sweet and simple, we got a bunch of new music for you. Click on any of the below pictures to listen to the respective tracks: The Netwerk As for plans for the near future from The Infidel Netwerk, we are planning on implementing other features such as Album Reviews, Artist Interviews, and information about local shows and events. This will be coming in the upcomming days and week, and we are excited to expand our content from just music, into written print of multiple kinds. Jenova Project Jenova Project has a new album coming out called Dystopia. Half the album had been previously