Looking For New Studio

No weekly update this week, as we are currently in the process of doing some internal changes (moving studios pretty quick here!) as well as some MORE website changes… but expect a x2 action next week with an uber packed weekly update featuring lots of new content from a smashing of new bands, as well as a full overview of the new features in the Infidel Netwerk, and what it means for you. On top of that we will also be attempting to get a new weekly section going up featuring political, social, educational, and entertainment based news which different members of The Infidel Netwerk would like to highlight or comment upon. A name for the section is pending, but at the moment I'm thinking "In

Weekly Update 2015-5-13

Gaggle Gaggle has been a busy crowd indeed! Along with the three tracks they have completed recently, they have also started work on additional 3 tracks that will be available with the deluxe edition version of the Anal Fisting EP!!! So for the lucky individuals who decide to chuck an extra few into the donation box, there's gonna be 10 tracks of pure madness for you to enjoy! And at the rate they've been going lately it's looking like the release is going to be sooner then later. In the meantime enjoy the brand new Gaggle music video, hand crafted from found and stock footage by the elusive Donald Fuck himself, for their recently completed track Ass-Troll-Pro-Injection: Candy F Warhol Some

Weekly Update 2015-5-6

Jenova Project As you can see Jenova Project has been really busy. Though his main website has been suprisingly silent, his YouTube and Twitter feeds have been going haywire, with continual updates on goings of the mad prophet. The most exciting of the new and revelatory things coming from the beast is the new album Shadowalker. A composite of previousy released material, with some them being re-mixed, re-recorded and with many tracks now having vocals when they were previously instrumental, the album is a complete redux of what previously seemed to be b-side material; and alchemical transmutation from the mediocre into a full fledged Opus Magnum of an album. Click on the album artwork abov