Weekly Update 4-29-2015

Jenova Project Been super busy over the last couple of weeks on the Jenova Project front. Recorded vocals for almost a dozen tracks, as well as revamped the website so that you can now read the lyrics or story associated with Jenova Project while listening to the tracks on the site. A more immersive experiance, so I hope you all enjoy. I also released a new track, The Departure, the first single from the Shadowalker LP, the second full album I will be releasing over the next couple of months. You can find that below: OurTrees OurTrees has been on the downlow for some time, however we are doing a proper band meeting on Friday, and going to be going over all of the steps it's going to take to

The Weekly Update: 4-22-2015

So as you know The Infidel Netwerk has been vigirously working on a release platform for it's respective artists. We needed to provide an original way for artists to engage with their audience, and release their multimedia. Though our long term plan is still in the developing stages, at this point we have enough of an idea of what we are going to do, so we are going to start providing some updates on the goings of the artists and the release platform we have developed for them. This weekly update series that will be beginning now on Wednesday, and continuing to take place every Wednesday hereafter, will act as the start of our release and promotion platform. The format in which we provide up

Re:Vamp Begins Tomorrow

So the Re:Vamp goes down as planned tomorrow, where we start doing weekly updates on the collected goings of The Infidel Netwerk artists. It will feature pictures, music, and videos from all active The Infidel Netwerk artists, as well as a rundown of what has happened over the last week, as well as our forumulations of ideas for the future. Exciting times friends! Look forward to this new beginning. #MusicNews #TheInfidelNetwerk #theProphet #BaileeF

The Infidel Netwerk Re:Vamp

So up until now, since about Janurary, Facebook has been the #1 way of accessing The Infidel Netwerk, with most of our regular news updates been posted through that medium. Regretabelly, this main site has primarily acted as simply a hub for the various artist's respective website's. The reason for this is there was a little bit of discouragement here at the Infidel Netwerk due to our failure to succesfully implement the Artist Spotlight feature every week. We decided we needed to refocus and regather, and and put our extreme focus on perfecting every aspect of all of the various Infidel Netwerk artist's media projects. It certainly has taken a lot of time, more then we expected, but it was