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You can purchase the track for a lease format for $10, or it can be purchased as an exclusive for $50. We also have a deal where you can purchase 3 leased beats for $25, or 3 exclusives for $125, which is $5 and $25 savings respectively. So if you're interested check out the multiple beats in our store.

All tracks when purchased are provided in lossless 24bit wave format, with both a mastered mix and a unmastered mix for those who have external mastering they want to use. Multi-tracks included.

We also offer the services of instrumental additions, new sections, structural changes, and mixing tweaks can be made to the song, and we also offer mastering services that can be done for you after you finish your vocal recording, however these would be at an additional cost and have to be discussed on an individual basis, with more details that can be discussed upon contacting us.